Cycle 1 – Preschool (TPS, PS, MS, GS)

Originality of the French system, the preschool (Cycle 1) welcomes children before compulsory schooling which starts at 6 years old. It is most often organized in Very Small Section (TPS), Small Section (PS), Medium Section (MS) and Large Section (GS) depending on the age of the children.

At the Arthur Rimbaud French School, the programs taught are French programs.

The purpose of the preschool is to help each child, according to appropriate procedures, to become independent and to acquire knowledge and skills in order to succeed in the preparatory course in basic learning.

At the Arthur Rimbaud French School, to facilitate students’ success, a GS / CP liaison is implemented every year. Beginning in April, CP teachers teach GS students once a week in a half-group. This allows preschool students to discover the class and the teacher who will be their next school and teachers to know the level of their future students even before the start of classes.

The main purpose of the preschool is the acquisition of a rich oral language, organized and understandable by the other.

At preschool, the child establishes relationships with children and with adults. He exercises his motor, sensory, affective, relational and intellectual capacities. He gradually becomes a student and he discovers the world of writing.

The preschool program (Cycle 1: Early Learning Cycle (Small, Medium and Large Preschool) is divided into 6 areas of activity:

  • to appropriate the language
  • discover the written word
  • become a student
  • act and express oneself with one’s body
  • discover the world
  • perceive, feel, imagine, create


Bridging GS-CP

Primary School

Certified Elementary School – Direct Education –

Preparatory Course – CP – (6-7 years)

Elementary Course 1st year – CE 1 – (7-8 years)

Elementary Course 2nd year – CE 2 – (8-9 years)

Middle course 1st year – CM1 – (9-10 years)

Middle course 2nd year – CM 2 – (10-11 years)

Bridging CM2 – Sixième


Certified College – Direct Education –

Schooling of children aged 11 to 15 in the current calendar year.

2 classes of Sixth – 6eme – (11-12 years old)

1 class of Fifth – 5eme – (12-13 years old)

1 class of Fourth – 4eme – (13-14 years old)

1 class of Third – 3eme – (14-15 years old)

Examination: National Diploma of the Brevet (DNB)

High school

Certified High School – Direct Education –

Schooling of children aged 15 to 18 in the current calendar year.

1 class of 2nd – 2nd – (15-16 years old) Open in September 2015-2016

1 class of First -1ère – (16-17 years old) Open in September 2016-2017

Exam: Baccalaureate Early Examinations

1 class Terminale -Ter – (17-18 years old) Open in September 2017-2018

Review: Bachelor



Specialties in direct teaching offered at the beginning of the 2023 academic year subject to approval (other specialties could be offered within the framework of the CNED): Mathematics, SES (Economic and Social Sciences), SVT (Life and Earth Sciences), Physics-chemistry, LLCE (Foreign and regional languages, literatures and cultures – English contemporary world), HGGSP (History-geography, geopolitics and political science), and NSI (Digital and Computer Science).