Language pathways

More languages, better opportunities

For years, the French school has aimed to promote multilingualism. Linguistic courses have been widely developed there and our French school is recognized as an international institution.

The school has been officially labeled as a British international section at the primary level.

Thus, each student will benefit from an even richer and more personalized linguistic journey in French and English.

In Nursery school, the emphasis is on learning French and the skills of kindergarten programs as defined by the national education system.

At the start of the school year in September 2022, the kindergarten teachers organize the personalized linguistic course for the pupils in consultation with the French as a foreign language (FLE) teacher and the 2 English teachers.

At the Primary school level, the French national education program also remains our priority. It is enriched by the existing linguistic course. This will be more personalized thanks to the British international section.

Our 9 main teachers will therefore implement a project adapted to the profile of each student in consultation with our 5 English teachers and our FLE teachers.

In Secondary school, beyond English, French or Spanish, language courses will open up to the learning of other languages at school such as Italian, German and Japanese.