Governance structure

Governance structure


Association of Parents of Pupils

As part of the cooperation agreement between the Government of the French Republic and the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, and in accordance with the provisions of the Education Code relating to the organization of French education at the University abroad, the Association of Parents of Pupils (APP) of the French School Arthur Rimbaud was incorporated in Dar es Salaam. It is a non-profit association, governed by Tanzanian law, subsequent texts and its statutes.

The purpose of the APP is:

1. Ensure the management and development of the school.
2. Provide instruction in accordance with officially applied curricula and teaching methods in France.
3. Establish close collaboration between parents of students, on the one hand, and management and faculty, on the other, to ensure the level of education provided by the school.
4. Promote cultural and extracurricular activities to complement the education provided at school and promote knowledge and influence of French culture and exchanges with Tanzanian culture.

The APP prohibits any political or religious concerns and does not pursue any profit-making purpose. The APP prohibits any political or religious concerns and does not pursue any profit-making purpose.

All the parents of pupils of the French school are members of the APP.

They participate in general meetings and elect their representatives, who sit on the Management Board.

Statutes of the Association

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Management Board

The Management Board is responsible for administering the Association of Parents of Pupils (APE) and executing the decisions of the General Assemblies.

The Management Board thus participates in the organization of the school, in close collaboration with the Head of School and the School Council, in accordance with their respective responsibilities.

The Management Committee is composed of:

6 members elected by the General Assembly from parents or legal representatives of pupils except those who are employees of the school or AEFE and their spouse.

3 ex officio members in an advisory capacity: the Councilor for Cooperation and Cultural Action, the Chief of the Consular Section and the Head of School.

The six members elected at the General Assembly share the various functions of the office at the first meeting of the Management Board: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Internal Relations Officer and External Relations Officer.

Representatives of the Association of Parents of Pupils who are members of the Management Committee:

President: Mr. Rajabu Katunda

Vice-president: Mr. Damien Roulette

Secretary: Mrs. Emily Liebchen

External Affairs: Mrs. Joy Kemibaro

Internal Affairs: Mr. Alexandre Vacher

Treasurer: Mr. Ali Dawoodbhai                                                                                        Contact:



The School Council  

The School Council of the French Arthur Rimbaud School is the body representing the first and second degree. It discusses the topics dealt with at the primary school council and the school council meetings where appropriate.

This school authority is competent for everything related to pedagogy and the educational life of the school, but can not replace the AEFE or the Management Board in their own fields.

To read more about the School Council please visit the following page.


The Primary School Council  

The Primary School Council meets before the School Council to discuss everything that concerns more particularly the primary school (nursery and elementary), thus preparing the School Council.

His skills are equivalent to those of the School Council. The School Council is composed of the Director who presides over it, teachers of the pre-elementary and elementary school, as well as representatives of the parents of pupils by class, pre-elementary and elementary.